Color palette generators

In this post I would like to share my favourite color palette generators. I spend a lot of time with pinning, finding inspiration, or nice color combinations to try.  Using these websites are fun way to get matching color schemes, it's playful and can help to combine colors.

#1. Coolors

This one is my favourite because it is very simple and visually stunning. On this site you aren't able to import images , but you can type in the color codes. And you can add it to Photoshop and Illustrator!

#2.  Colorgrabber

I use this one if I want to get the color scheme of a photo. Then copy the codes to Coolors. I like this because you can select how many colors you want get.

#3. Cssdrive

I haven't used this one too much, I think this one is more useful for someone who is more into comuter grapics, and rather design websites. 
Less pretty, but more useful!

You can save the color palettes from all sites in different formats, then can combine them with your favourite photos! (photos from: Pinterest )
Have fun playing with them! 
: )

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