Shinhan Art Touch Twin Marker test

I have never been a big fan of markers, actually have never used them. Probably when I was a tiny kid. But  I love trying out new materials and experimenting new technics so I thought I will give a try to markers, because they seems to be a really practical and comfortable choice if you are on the go.

Let's see the swatches first. I bought the 6 pack pastel collection. After doodling the swatches the first thing that I noticed that actually only two colors are pastels. The other ones are rather neon for me. And that was also one reason I wanted to try out markers, because they are available in really nice , soft pastel colors. Anyway , besides this little notice I am satisfied with the colors because they are very rich and pigmented.

I did not make any swatches about this because they aren't very mixable.

They fading quite well. After a few sketches and experimenting these new tools I was able to make nice shades.

And lastly, let me share a video with you giving a glimpse at the markers in action. This is a good and quick way to practice croquis.
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Illustrating Fashion with Touch Twin Markers from Dorina Nemeskeri on Vimeo.

Tools I used in the video:

HB, 1B, 2B, 3B pencils
Touch Twin marker in shade RP7 Cosmos


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