Face Your Fashion Fears!
The Tulle Skirt

A couple of days ago I’ve been introduced to a company called Dia&Co It is a business specialised in plus size clothing exclusively in 14+, offering personal styling service for women.
Although I don’t fit into their profile because I’m petite size, I was really thrilled about the project they've been doing because it could be great opportunity to inspire others and up not just my confidence but yours too!

So the project is called “Try-day Friday”. A day when you are challenged to step out from your comfort zone and wear something new on Fridays. Did it happen with you fashionista girls that you woke up and thought you will wear that new designer dress you bought , but in the last minute you chosen the comfortable way and changed back to a safer look? Well, I guess it happens with us all the time.

If you’ve been following my blog, you know that my wardrobe is everything except boring. Although my closet is full of whimsical skirts from Chicwish and dresses of other indie designer dresses I do have some pieces I would love to wear but somehow I’m too insecure to go outside in them. The first thing that came into my mind when I was reading the e-mail about the challange, the tulle skirt! That lovely, lovely tulle skirt!

Why are you hanging in my wardrobe all the time?  You are so glamorous , you are so fancy! A tulle skirt might be too much for everyday wear. But I couldn’t get it out from my head and reconsidered it and styled it in a casual way. What’s the key? A simple white T-shirt! Worn-out saying, but true: the less is more!

Oh, and if we are talking about fashion fears, as you can see I’m wearing the skirt with high-heeled sandals. High heels are the perfect examples if we are talking about my fashion fears. It’s the most feminine piece in a woman’s closet, a must have, but they are something I just don’t dare to wear outside. A pair of sexy high heels should be the shoes that ups your confidence but when it comes to going out I get anxious and change into ballerinas. When I see those stylish fashion bloggers on Pinterest they look so natural on them, but on me??!! I just feel too much in them.

And the last combination with the tulle skirt what I find the hardest: choosing the outers. I wanted to keep my outfit casual and the simplest as possible so my choice was a basic, eternal piece: the biker jacket. It is my most favourite thing in my wardrobe, a number one must have!

So girs, I challange you to show your fashion fears and rock that crazy designer dress from your wardrobe!

Tulle Skirt: Aliexpress / T-shirt: & M / Biker Jacket: Mango / Heels: Vintage


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