Fall Fashion: The Grey Sweatshirt


The sweatshirt always been considered as a downright tacky fashion piece. If I say sweatshirt many of you will think of a girl wearing her hair in a bun , in a grey sweat-suit eating ice-scream. But there is much more in a sweatshirt than miserable girls wearing it after a painful break-up.

Lately , I’ve been quite busy working on new collections and I am so happy to share some new creations of mine in the following weeks. In the first round I am excited to introduce the chic new sweatshirts

I have been waiting for this for so long, and I am so glad that finally I managed to produce sweatshirts and long sleeved shirts. A dream came true!

I have been wearing them in the past few weeks and I am very satisfied with the products. They aren’t just cool looking they are also very comfortable.
They are made of 80% ring spun cotton and 20% polyester. This mixture makes the material really soft and feels nice to wear. The sweatshirts are quite warm, has a fluffy finish inside so it will be a fantastic pullover to wear on those cold winter days.
Recently, i actually like to wear them instead of blazers and coats.

The sweatshirts are also very versatile. I was both wearing them in chic ways , for example wearing them with an A-line skirt. This combo will make you look super stylish. But they are also perfect if you just want to stay stylish if you go out for an evening run.


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