An essential accessory : The grey handbag

I realised that a high percent of my wardrobe is grey. Why? Because it’s safe. It goes well almost with everything. A few weeks ago I was introduced to a company called ToSave , and they offered me that I can choose an item from the website. They have a broad variety of products from technical accessories to every kind of clothing. So I went safe and chose a grey women leather tote bag. This bag picked my interest because it seemed like the perfect sizee, has a neutral color, so it’s a good match with most of my clothes. 

When I received the bag I was surprised how good is the quality considering the low price. It has a standard fast fashion quality for 10-20 dollars. 

The bag came with a strap and has several pockets to pack your girly stuff. How practical! 

In a nutshell I am very satisfied with the quality and look of the bag. I already know that it make a great everyday handbag and will be my favourite!

Have you heard of ToSave company? What’s your experience?

If not, visit their website


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