Weekly Muse: Barefoot Duchess

Hello Ladies!  Recently I came up with the idea of launching a new blog section the Weekly Muse! Each time I will introduce a fashionista lady to you who inspires my art. And who else could I feature first? My number one muse Angeliki writer of personal style blog, Barefoot Duchess! If you take a look at her photos you will immediately see the resemblance between our style. When I first saw her I thought she is someone who just came off from one of my illustrations!

Tell us a little bit about yourself!

My name is Angeliki and I am the Barefoot Duchess, where Duchess stands for the female form of the Duke, which is my husband's last name, and Barefoot is because I have so many shoes but they are never enough and I keep on buying more... My blog Barefoot Duchess is a place for girls that want to look Chic and Stylish without spending a fortune. 

Where are you from? Did it influence your style?

I was born in Athens, raised and schooled in a town in the countryside, studied in a big Greek city, then went to London for a Master's degree, then came back to Athens and been living here ever since. The influence of each place was temporary and there is no sign of them on my personal style anymore. 

What inspires your style?

My inspiration comes from books, the cinema, history, art, everyday life, flowers, colors, the weather, moments, memories and feelings. 

What's your favorite item right now? 

My basket bag from ZARA. I carry it everywhere and looks perfect with every single outfit.

Comfort or style?

Both, because when you have figured out what looks good on you, this is what makes you feel comfortable too

What are 3 pieces that your closet must include?

1. A simple but well tailored black (and white) dress
2. A pair of comfortable and cute black heels
3. A cute bag, preferably a basket

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  1. Thank you my darling! You are so talented and I admire you deeply. I hope we meet soon

    1. Thank you Angeliki, I hope you enjoyed the article! I hope to see you soon too!